Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I have been doing

Well, as usual, I have been staying busy beading. The top picture is my Red Cuff. I'm trying to make each cuff as different as possible even though I'm using the same techniques. Sometimes it's a bit of a challenge. Working with all red is definitely not my favorite color palette.
I used shell ovals as my centers in this cuff. I call it Beach. It was originally supposed to be straight on the sides, but it called for me to accent the oval shapes so the scissors came out. Working on cuffs is a great way to try new color combinations to see how they work together.

I have to give the cuffs a rest for a bit and catch up on my other beading obligations. Never fear, there will be more of them. LOL.

My friend, Sandy, and I went to an Indian Pow Wow this morning. This picture was taken there shortly before the battery in my camera died. The regalia was out of this world. The beading was exquisite. It was a treat to see whole families participating in the parade, chants, and dancing. It was pretty warm so we only stayed a couple of hours, but managed to at least get a wonderful Indian Taco for lunch. I want to go again so I can get pictures of the beautiful beadwork. It was astounding.
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