Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished this one

This is the cuff Sherry Serafini taught at the Beads Unique Tahoe Retreat this year. Isn't it yummy? I finished it yesterday. Obviously, I was in a hurry to get a picture of it. Can you see my reflection in the cab? LOL I will eventually take a better picture, but I wanted to blog about this class and the others we took while in Tahoe City. The weather was glorious and the company wonderful. Five of us went from Clovis/Fresno. We had a great two bedroom condo with a full kitchen and two baths. Rose, Rhonda, BJ, Billie and I drove up on Wednesday a week ago. On Thursday we had some marvelous classes with Linda Hartung and her daughter and Laura Timmons. Very talented ladies all. We (all the students) received a huge bagful of free goodies. Linda showed us another way to use Wire lace and Laura taught us how to make a beautiful crocheted wire necklace. Thursday night we had a Dessert Social, met our teachers for the weekend and bought our kits for the classes.
We had three groups of students and rotated the classes each day. We were in the Lake Group and started the weekend with Sherry Serafini, a very good place to start. Unlike other classes with Sherry, this cuff is not all bead embroidery. It has RAW with embellishments in it and is attached to the metal cuff after all beading is done. It has bling to die for and is stunning! She will have a new book coming out in 2011. Can't be too soon for me.
Saturday found us in Jeannette Cook's class. What a challenging piece she offered us. It has RAW, brick stitch, and netting in it. It has many parts, each of which is fun to work on. I will post it when I get it finished.
Jeannette is a super teacher and very patient. I wonder where she heard about the Clovis girls???? Could it be from MDC?
Sunday we had a class with Jean Campbell, beader and editor extraordinaire. What a fun class she had for us. Makes you wonder how her mind works with the pieces fitting inside other pieces to make a stunning gold cuff. We got a sneak peek at her new book! Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to get it.
We had get togethers every evening, with drawing for more free treats and contests. Iris and I won the Challenge this year. Not bad with Clovis girls winning two years in a row.
I will blog about Jeanette's necklace and Jean's cuff as I get them finished.
It seems I am going to have some work to do over the next months. I have to finish my BJP project by January and you may be seeing me in Beads Unique soon. I also have a number of Christmas gifts to make yet.
I have to admit I am behind in my Bead Journal pages this year. I went on a major crystal binge over the summer. Can't seem to stop using those sparkly little things. lol I would feel guilty about being so far behind, but I've been having way too much fun.
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