Saturday, May 29, 2010

Latest Cuffs

These are the latest cuffs I've finished. The top one is called Southwestern Nights. I am continuing to try new patterns of beading. I want to learn to use each bead in as many ways as possible. I particularly like the beading around the cabochon. It's just one of many ways to capture a cabochon. I hope to get to all of them eventually.

Purple Shimmer was just fun to make. I needed something to wear with all the purple I own. It was also a great way to use these gorgeous 3-cuts.

Mother's Day was a bit sad for me this year. Staying busy with my beads helps a lot. I call it my therapy. Much cheaper than seeing a doctor. And at least I have something to show for it afterwards.

Taught a fun class in beading around a cabochon today. We had lots of giggles and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Copper Lace

Well, here it is. Copper Lace in its entirety. I had sooo much fun working on this cuff. I don't usually work in monochromatic color schemes, but it was fun and I will do it again. With just the one cab, it fits like a dream.

These are the seedbeads I rescued from Out on a Whim. Can you believe they had them just sitting out there for anyone to see them? I knew they were mine immediately. Beki and Shawn, along with Shawna, Nikki, Tracy and the rest of their crew were not fast enough to stop me. It was wonderful to see everyone there and have the chance to visit with them. It is always like old home week when we get together.
This picture shows the strands of small gemstones, etc. that I love to use in my bead embroidery. I just can't seem to get enough of them. I also picked up some earring findings and a few cabs to play with.

This last picture makes me drool. They are all either charlottes or 3cuts. Makes the work and the world sparkle.

All in all, the train trip to NorCal was a blast. Eight of us went on the train and we met a couple more CCBS members who had driven up. They were on their way to Camp Paradise for a retreat. Hope they have fun. There were lots of good vendors, but the crowds weren't as dense as usual. Those who were there seemed to be buying though. I was able to talk to Janet Farris for a bit. She's so busy these days, I only get to see her at shows. Had a nice visit with Lisa Kan at her booth. Her work is incredible. It was a good kind of tired I was feeling by the time we got home last night.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sneek Peek at new cuff

Here is a peek at my newest cuff. Those who know me, know I am not a monochromatic girl. Usually I go for brights and lots of contrasts. When I started pulling beads for this cuff, I kept putting back all the sharply contrasting beads. They didn't satisfy me somehow. I also tend to work in color blocks, but I am working out some new (for me) patterns with this cuff. What do you think?

As in my last couple of cuffs, I am using no peyote, or other conventional stitches. I'm also only using one stone. Very different for me. I am going to explore using different techniques for a while and see where it takes me.

I'm looking forward to taking the train with friends up to Oakland for the NorCal Bead Bazaar this Saturday. It's sure to be a wonderful show. I know Out on a Whim will have all kinds of new goodies to buy and I'll be looking for some different kinds of focal pieces for my bead embroidery. I'll be sure to take pictures of my stash when I get back so I can share them.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just Cuff Me

I have been on a bead embroidery binge lately. Does that surprise anyone? I didn't think so. These are two cuffs I recently finished. I am working on a pendant to go with the top one. I have recently learned some new techniques which are improving my work. The top cuff is called Ocean Deep and the bottom one is called Forest Pools. Have you ever noticed that it is sometimes harder to name a piece than it is to make it?

I just got back from a week at the coast. It was heaven! I went with a friend and we had such a good time. Rested a a lot..... shopped a lot.... and of course, beaded a lot. Was able to have dinner with my oldest grandson and his girlfriend. That is always a treat. They are working and going to college in San Luis Obispo. I'm very proud of them.

Went right back to work at Beads, Etc in Clovis when I got back to town. My middle grandson and his other grandmother came in to see me. He's 16. The youngest grandson is almost 11 now and very busy into sports. I love them all dearly.

Well, back to work now. I have to do some writing for the Central California Bead Society newsletter. It's a very active group and I enjoy it immensely.
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