Monday, September 29, 2008

Grape Day

As many of you may know, the San Joaquin Valley in California is known for it's wonderful table grapes, as well as wine grapes and those dried for raisins. This is my September doll for the Beaded Art Dolls Calendar Challenge. She was fun to do and went together really fast. I made her this afternoon. I put a pin/pendant clasp on her so I can wear her either way. Only eleven more to go this year. LOL

I am slowly catching up with all my WIP's. I hate it when I get in a slump. All I wanted to do was read or play on the computer. At least I'm getting back in gear now. Won't let myself pick up a book until after 4 pm. I am determined to catch up and stay that way.

Lots going on this next week or two. Going to see Gretchen Wilson Friday at our County Fair. Saturday and Sunday are two classes with Liz Smith with our Bead Society. Should be great fun. Then next Friday (10th) I'm going to see Randy Travis (also at the Fair).

BABE is getting closer all the time. I love going to Oakland for BABE. I get to see friends that I don't see but a couple of times a year, and if I'm lucky, I get to meet other online friends for the first time. I enjoy visiting with vendors who come every year and of course, checking out all the goodies. I might just buy a few too. LOL
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Went on a Binge!

I was a bad girl last week. Not really.

Last Thursday my friend, Lynn, and I went to the coast to relax and take a class. On Friday, we picked up my oldest GS, David, and went to Grover Beach and Pismo for the day. We shopped for beads (of course) and books and then went to dinner. Yum! On Saturday, we took a class from Teri Dannenburg at Naturally Jennifer's bead store in San Luis Obispo. We learned how to make a bracelet called Acropora (a type of coral). It's very organic looking. Did more bead shopping! We had to leave for home right after the class so we would be ready for the CCBS Annual Bead Show on Sunday. Did I buy more beads? You betcha! The top picture is my stash for the three days shopping. The bottom picture is just the seed beads I bought. Did I need more beads? Nope! Did I want more beads? Well, of course! Our show is not too large; about 30 vendors this year. However, we always have fun.

I also splurged on a new 19" monitor for my computer and if that wasn't enough, I bought a small laptop that only weighs 3.2 lbs. Can you tell I finally received my retroactive retirement check from the County? After buying clothes and paying bills, I even have a bunch of money left. It's going to stay in the bank, too. I've had my spending spree and I am a happy girl.

I'm finally getting back into the swing of beading. I was in a funk for a couple of weeks, but I'm gathering up steam to meet all the obligations I've signed up to do. It feels good to know I can do all these things without having to worry about finances anymore.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Where were you?
There are two times in my life that I will always remember; when JFK was shot and 9/11. I know there have been many tragic events in my lifetime, but those two struck a chord within me.
How sad it is for our whole nation and for the world, that there are people still in the world who have so little respect for life. There is no political regime or religion that can justify slaughter of this scope. There was no war; though war does not excuse the killing of innocents.
My heart hurts for those who lost loved ones in 9/11. It hurts for the rest of us who thought it could never happen here. It can, and it did.
I will never forget.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I just was walking to the bank this morning. That's all. All of a sudden, I found myself in a nearby shop buying clothes. How did that happen? I haven't bought clothes in forever. I basically live in jeans and teeshirts. What a treat it was to just go in and pick out some new things. I still want to get some sweaters for this winter, but I'm pretty well set for tees now and I bought a couple of pair of jeans too.

If this sounds pretty mundane, consider I have been living on a very limited income for the past six months (Soc. Sec.). My county retirement just kicked in with a very nice retroactive check. Makes me feel rich. Not really, but it's nice to be off such a tight budget again.

I have signed up for BJP 2008 and am looking forward to a productive year. I am also in two other year long challenges, as well as a couple of swaps. Have I lost my mind? Probably, but I don't care; I'm having fun.