Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Finally, I pried myself away from the chains! Here are two of my latest endeavors. The top picture has a vintage focal cab I bought from a friend. Originally, I was going to make this pendant pink. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but it morphed into this coppery coral. Much more my colors anyway. I felt like I was coming home when I started beading it. As much as I enjoy other kinds of beading, embroidery will always be my first love.

The second picture is a pendant I just finished this week. I'm not sure what the stone is, but it reminded me of pictures of the earth from space. It was fun pulling the colors from the stone to use in this piece. As most of you know, they are rather subtle for me. Can I help it if I'm drawn to intense colors?

Eleven of us went to the NorCal Bead Bazaar in Oakland earlier this month. As always, it was a great show. We came home with lots of goodies and had great fun showing them to each other on the train ride home. I think we have become spoiled riding the train up to Oakland. We have lots of time to bead, chat, read or doze as we choose. There are no parking fees to worry about and much less stress. Amtrak gives you bus passes to and from the station to the Convention Center so there is no cost there. The only drawback we have discovered is that they don't stop at Dairy Queen. LOL

CCBS is well on it's way to another good year. At our March meeting this Saturday, we will return the Brown Bag Challenge kits to their respective owners. Each of us made up a kit of beads we wanted to have made up for ourselves. This was given to another member to bead. I had fun working on my kit for one of our newer members. Hope she likes what I did.

you go to you can see all the gorgeous items beaded for our auction on Ebay. The Auction starts today and items will change each Sunday through the first week of May. Bid early and often. I promise you won't be sorry. All moneys received go to Colorectal Cancer Research. The website will explain the purpose of the auctions in detail and you can see all the wonderful things made in previous years too. My own cuff and necklace will be auctioned in the last week. Bidding on this auction will bring you lovely beaded items and the knowledge you are helping to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Bead Happy everyone!
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