Friday, June 15, 2007


Soon I will be escaping to the Central California coast. Yea! My 17 year old grandson will be going with me. It's a part of his graduation gift. I used to take him there when he was small. I know we'll have a great time. I really need to get away for a while. Both work and life in general have not been kind recently. I find myself angry and frustrated much of the time. Sometimes the pressure gets to be too much. So, instead of whining about it anymore, I'm going to do something constructive. My June page for Bead Journal Project is going to express all the rage I can put into it. I'm not sure why this is so important to me right now, but it seems to be the right thing to do. I don't know that the rest of my pages will follow this theme, but maybe I'll just express the emotions I'm feeling each month. Maybe not. My page is about half done. I'll post as soon as it's finished. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the ocean waves.
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Sacredartist said...

Hi Arline,
Saw your beading post on BJP 2007 and was reading your blog. Love it that you too were inspired by the Arabian Nights. If you look at my blog you will see my first "page" a barrette based on Scheherazade. Anyway I noticed that you came to visit the coast of California and thought that if you come again you should contact me. I live in Eureka, CA.