Saturday, October 27, 2007

Indian Summer

October is done! Thought I would never finish it. I haven't been able to bead much the past three weeks. I loved adding the fiber to this one. I've learned so many new things since starting this project. I rarely want to do anything but bead embroidery anymore.

My class at work is going slowly, but most of my students have learning disabilities so I expected that. The important thing is that they are really enjoying themselves.
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Lin Moon said...

I love the addition of the fiber too! This is wonderful! How did you add the fiber?

KV said...

This page is perfect for Indian Summer! Love the textures and colors and everything about it . . .

Kathy V in NM

Teresa said...

The fiber adds a great element to the bead work.
I love your page.

abeadlady said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I couched the fiber on just like I would beads. I wanted it to be light and have lots of movement to it. I did find, however, that it's not always easy to work around.

Vicki said...


freebird said...

Beautiful. The bit of green with all the rusts and browns really bring out the fall feeling!

Robin said...

Did it ever become clear to you about the baby being protected in this piece?

It has so much complexity and movement/flow to it! I enjoyed clicking on it to see the details too. Totally lovely!!!

Sorry about the arthritis... it's in your hands? What do you do for it?

abeadlady said...

My warrior queen is indeed protecting her child from the oncoming winter.

The arthritis has hit every joint in my body this year. It's worse in my hands, but I'm surviving. I'm not looking forward to the cold though. So far, I've used topical things for the pain, but am seriously considering an acupuncturist. I'm unable to take anti-inflammatory medications due to previous GI bleeds.


KV said...

Arline -- try some "Joint Juice", a citrusy fizzy drink with glucosamine sulfate in it. I stopped taking serious arthritis meds nearly ten years ago because of worries over their effects and my intolerance for aspirin. It takes time but the glucosamine does make a difference.

Kathy V in NM

Nancy K. said...

This is great Arline. I love the fiber too. Great piece for this time of year.

What kind of arthritis do you have?

For Kathy V. if you see this I would be curious to know what type of arthritis you have (as I have a serious one too) that the "Joint juice" works for.