Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free At Last

This phrase has a whole new meaning to me now. I am no longer working for a living. Yeah! The down side of the past two weeks is having been sicker than a dog. I hate sinus infections!!! I always know I'll live through them, but don't always want to.

Enough whining! I am starting a whole new era in my life. My income may be slightly more limited, but having the time to create is going to be wonderful. I plan to teach more during the week at my LBS and basically just enjoy myself. At 64, I think I'm entitled to do this.

Bead embroidery will continue to be my first love, but there are some other areas I want to explore as well. Some needle felting, maybe some chain mailling. Who knows? I also still want to do some writing to promote better care for the mentally ill. It's something I feel very strongly about and I have some things that need to be said.


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KV said...

Attagirl, Arline!

Kathy V in NM