Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oct. page in progress

This is my October BJP page in progress. I found the fabric in my stash of batiks. After the summer spent watching all the fires in California, I knew I had to do this page. Once again, in October, the fires started. What better time?

This is one of the few pages I do each year that I actually have a plan for. As you can see, the A-frame cabin is in danger. I love the skeletonized trees in this fabric. and the orange patch as well.

The trees have been fleshed out a bit here in the second shot and the fire has started. It's pretty amazing that as I bead this page, it actually feels like the fire is growing and destroying the trees. I haven't decided exactly what to do with the cabin yet.

The fires have devastated our beautiful state this year. As more people build out into the wilderness, I'm afraid it will only get worse. Most of these fires were started by lighting, but unfortunately many were started by man. It's sad that more do not care that they cause great loss of property and life by their carelessness and deliberate acts.

I will post another picture of this page, as it disappeared from this blog.
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freebird said...

I see so many fires right next to the freeway. I can't help but think a lot of fires are started by cigarettes or bottles thrown from a car.

It does seem as if your fire is ever more menacing.

By the way, my family has been affected by Calif. wildfires in the past years. Those big ones down in San Diego took my uncles house in Julian. The fires have come right onto the hill beside my nieces house in Lakeside (her husband was one of the firemen fighting that one) and my daughter was told to be ready to evacuate in Simi Valley but didn't end up having to. This last year of course, Ramona got hit and other areas. I had 3 nieces have to evacuate but all were okay. They just had sooty homes to clean. So I feel your fire coming closer and closer yet if I could move back to California I would with no hesitation!

GraceBeading said...

So sad - that is one thing I don't miss about California. The Santa Ana winds and the wildfires (Earthquakes are right up there too!)

Great looking page though, I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished!