Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainbow Gold

Had to take a few minutes to post my March doll for BAD. She is called "Rainbow Gold". I do enjoy making these little dolls. I love trying to make each one different.
I've been busy this month except for last week. I fell victim to the dreaded flu bug. Much better now except for my voice and cough. At least I feel like I will live. LOL. I discovered one bad thing about being home everyday. It leaves you way too much time to play and buy on the internet. My poor bank balance will never be the same. I continue to add to my faceted gemstone collection. I'm learning a lot and
really enjoying the collection.
I worked Monday and Wednesday at our LBS. Today I was doing my civic duty on jury duty. It's not always fun, but is necessary. Looks like I will spend tomorrow there as well. (Sigh!) Saturday looks to be fun though. Our local Bead Society is having their annual potluck and sale. It's not really a bead show as such, but a way for us to sell off unwanted beads and finished jewelry. I love this sale as I always find something I want or need. And just think! It was in a friend's stash all along.
I'm working hard on my BFAC project for 2010. The kit this year is wonderful and includes a beautiful lampwork bead. I'll take some progress pics soon and post them. I love working on projects like this. There is always the challenge of working with beads that I didn't select and knowing the profits go to a worthy cause such as Colorectal Cancer Research makes it that much better. Our 2009 Auction is going on now on Ebay. Just go to and click on the currant auction button. All the items were made from last year's kit. Lots of great eye candy there. Be sure to look at the previous years Galleries too. You will get a ton of ideas.
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GraceBeading said...

*sigh* another beautiful doll Arline. I love the colors!

Kiwi Ellen said...

What a sweetie Arline - my favorite colours too ;)
I'm pleased you're feeling better girlfriend!!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

What a lovely doll, Arline!
Your potluck and sale sounds fun, too. Nice way to get rid of unwanted things and find new treasures.

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic doll...sorry to hear you had the flu...take care of yourself, k?


KV said...

Your dolls are so precious, Arline! I, too, have jury duty coming up on Friday. This is the third time I have been called up in four years. When this tour of duty is over, I shall have served on every darn court system in the state!

Get well and keep on beading!!!

Kathy V in NM

Heidi Cervantes said...

Just stop it, o.k.? lol Every month I say THIS one is my favorite, now you've done it again. Beautiful texture! I am fortunate enough to get to hold these little beauties in my hand and really get a close look. Looking forward to your next one!!