Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Summer Vacation- Not

I didn't really have a summer vacation, per se. I did spend three days up in the Sierras on a Bead Retreat with the Central California Bead Society. It was great having Marcia DeCoster all to ourselves. As always, she was a delight. The weather was warm, but beautiful and the food was wonderful. Joy brought up some awesome wooden cigar boxes for those of us with a fetish for boxes. We also had an impromptu bead sale. All in all, a great Retreat.
This first picture is a necklace similar to one seen in a UK beading magazine. I fell in love with it and made it. Haven't decided yet whether to embellish it.

These are just a few of the earrings I have made this summer, so far. I have been on a roll with them, for sure. Many of them are made with Peacock Beads. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Definitely a find for earrings.
The bracelets are a recent addiction. Russian Spiral isn't new, of course, but me working with this many crystals certainly is. LOL I remember a time when I thought crystals were "the dark side". I would seldom use them in my work. Ha! Boy, has that changed! The top bracelet is in multi shades of green. Had to go buy a top to wear with it. LOL
The second bracelet is in pinks, teals, and purples. These are colors I wear a lot.
The next one is in two shades of purple. Couldn't pass them up.
The fourth one is in all the fall colors. This one and the above were made using only two stitches around instead of three. Love the way they feel.

The last bracelet is done with three stitches around, but I found it tends to stretch a bit even when using double thread. I reinforced it by going through the spirals of seed beads. It was done with Fuchsia crystals and #648 seed beads. Gorgeous combination!

Have tons of plans for the next few months, including three bead shows, and a Retreat in Tahoe. Going to be a busy Fall.
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Jewelry Expressions by Anita said...

Beautiful work. You have been busy. I would love to do a retreat like that...sounds like fun. I most like that you had to shop for a top and not the other way around! This was much more fun!

LUCY said...

Un trabajo precioso.....

beadbabe49 said...

oh yes...the retreat sounded like fun and your fall sounds even better!

a2susan said...

Sometimes just hanging around can be relaxing, especially if you add some colorful and fun beading to it! Love those crystals!