Friday, February 22, 2008

Learning New Things

Well, I'm learning more about how to do things on the computer everyday, thanks to my friends. I've been trying to update my blog for the past week or so. FYI I am definitely no computer expert. Fortunately for me, I have friends who are.
For the past 9 months I have learned about myself, my beading, and my computer. Not bad for an old lady. I do say that with tongue in cheek as I refuse to grow up even though I will be 65 soon.
After reviewing some of my older bead embroidery, I realized just how much I have learned in the past few months. It kind of makes me cringe when I look at the old stuff. Thanks to Robin and her BJP, I can see a significant difference in my work now. I know I have a long way to go to reach the goals I have set for myself, but I think they are attainable.
More than anything else, I am learning to look within myself for what I need. I want to put more of my emotions, positive and negative, into my beadwork. Bead embroidery is my sanity saver. ( There are those who would say it is too late, but.....).
I hope that Robin does another BJP, but even if she doesn't, this one has given me the confidence to enter into other projects such as the "Pink Artists" and this year I am doing a piece for Beading For a Cure (colorectal cancer research). I'm very excited about these projects. I not only get to bead, but to do it for a good cause just puts icing on the cake.



Sue in western Washington, USA said...

I think all of us find ourselves where you are at the moment Arline. In fact, I think we slip in and out of that place frequently! I know I do.

I'm tagging you to reveal 7 random things about yourself on your blog. Then you get to tag 5 other bloggers to do the same. Just drop by their blog to leave them a note to that effect(like I'm doing!). Of course this is completely optional :- )

Sunni said...

Arline, thank you for your post on my blog. You are so sweet. I hope we do another year of BJP also. Or some form of it. If not we all still have our blogs and each other through our blogs.
I love your hot air balloons on your blog. I live in Albuquerque, home of the big Kodak Balloon Fiesta. I have 1000s of pictures I have taken. I so love them.

Robin said...

Your bead embroidery and your wonderful spirit are such blessings for us. Thanks for sharing your growth. May you reach a place where your early work will seem lovely in it's own way, for what it is... baby steps! I totally agree that you are on a pathway and will attain your goals.

About doing another BJP, please take a look at the poll now on the sidebar of our BJP blog.

Blessings, Robin A.

abeadlady said...


The balloon picture is one I took some years ago here in Fresno. I have always wanted to go up in one. Not at all sure I could climb into the basket now. LOL


I definitely voted for continuing the BJP. What a booster it has been for me this year. Your encouragement means a lot to me.


freebird said...

I guess we aren't really old until we stop learning! At least that's what I've heard and I am banking on it!