Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here is an in-progress photo of my BFAC entry for this year. She is no where near finished, of course, but her name is Fire Dancer. She is going to be auctioned eventually to benefit Colorectal Cancer Research. I bought a kit, sight unseen, to do my project. I must use at least one of every kind of bead in the kit. I may add one kind of bead. I chose to add a silverlined orange to my kit. I made her face from a mold I had made from a doll. Her body style is similar to a doll I received in a swap with Speediebeadie a year or so ago. Dot's doll was about 4" tall. Fire Dancer is about 10" tall. I haven't done a doll for over a year so she is a real challenge for me. However, I did discover the joy of curved needles and they really help get into those tight places.

I'll keep you posted on her progress. I can't seem to put her down for very long. That doesn't help get my other projects done any faster. I'm finished through March with my BJP pages and am working on April.

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Dulcey said...

10"!! You're going to leave some of that beautiful fabric showing, right? Nice start, lovely pose....

Katie B said...

Arline -- I love your doll!
The pose is so playful !
And that face ! Where did you find it??

Kiwi Ellen said...

Love the fabric Arline & a great start on the doll, you are brave doing such a big one LOL but then your first one was even bigger - The first one I made is 9.5" & totally beaded so I know how daunting those big'uns are ;9

abeadlady said...

Thank you all.
Yes, Dulcey. There Tnat fabric was just too perfect to cover completely.

Katie- I made a mold from a Barbie face. Didn't have anything else that fit.

Ellen-There were so many large beads that just wouldn't look good on something too small. Once I found the fabric, it was all over. LOL


GraceBeading said...

Nice work Arline! She's coming along nicely.

I can't put mine down either (hence the reason I'm posting in the middle of the night), and have been having a blast with it. I'm loving the colors.

I'll keep checking back to see your progress!

Sunni said...

Arline she is great.
And you have a GREAT name for her.
I see why its hard to put her down. I know the one I started yesterday is screaming my name and I have to go to work. But I get off at 2 and I am coming right home to work on her some more.
Have a great day and I can't wait to see her finished.

Mieke said...

Oh ,she is BEAUTIFUL!!