Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About 5:30 pm last Thursday, we left Fresno for Sacramento where we spent the night. Friday morning we went to a favorite bead shop for just a few things. We set out for Clear Lake, Ca. and a concert by Trace Adkins. A short stop in Kelseyville for more beads, and we got settled in at the Resort. The concert was stupendous!
This picture is of a few of the elk herd we came across on our way to the resort. They didn't seem to be very afraid of humans. We did get some rain, but so did the rest of California. Saturday morning we drove down through Napa Valley. What a beautiful drive. Of course, I took lots of pictures even in the rain. No one ever said it had to be dry to take pictures. On the drive home we discovered another bead shop in Stockton. Love new places! A good night's rest and we were ready for Marcia D'Coster's all day class at our LBS. Her classes are always so much fun. It was a busy weekend, but well worth it. Posted by Picasa

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