Thursday, September 11, 2008


Where were you?
There are two times in my life that I will always remember; when JFK was shot and 9/11. I know there have been many tragic events in my lifetime, but those two struck a chord within me.
How sad it is for our whole nation and for the world, that there are people still in the world who have so little respect for life. There is no political regime or religion that can justify slaughter of this scope. There was no war; though war does not excuse the killing of innocents.
My heart hurts for those who lost loved ones in 9/11. It hurts for the rest of us who thought it could never happen here. It can, and it did.
I will never forget.


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Your two days are the same as mine ---

abeadlady said...

lDoesn't surprise me. We are of an age that would remember JFK. Most of the youngsters weren't even born then.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

I remember those 2 days, too, although, 9/11 much more clearly. Scary!
You've just inspired me to write something along those lines on my blog.

flying fish said...

I saw the towers go down on a big (movie sized) screen t.v. at a local coffee shop. Heart stopping when the people were jumping out of windows!

Later, the only thing flying was a black hawk helicopter, looking for a lost hiker on a mountain. Eerie quiet.

Anonymous said...

I was in grade school when JFK was shot. They brought in a TV so we could watch what was going on. On 9/11 I had a headache and didn't go to work. I woke up and was watching the today show when all of it unfolded. I didn't think it was real. Unfortunately it was and the sites and sounds will forever be etched in my brain.


Glass0Beads said...

Hiya Arline> JFK Grade 7 - can you believe it? Social Studies & teacher had just brought in a radio to listen to the news and that was the story, the only story on the news. At home we had the tv on through dinner - that never happened then. Fingers crossed, to-date no Hollywood efforts. Just all the stuff around it has hit the tv and big screen.
9/11 - I was my father's caregiver and he called me from the bedroom. When I got to him in the livingroom it looked like one of those Hollywood disaster movies. I get there between the 2 plane hits. When we got to dialysis later he turned on the wee tv they have at each station and, like all the other stations, we were glued to all the updates. Tragedy.
My hope is that Hollywood never ever tries to commercialize it: it seems disrespectful. Glass0Beads

Glass0Beads said...

Hiya Arline. I can't find where to email you privately so I'll explain here. I had an em from Robin suggesting my enthusiasm should be curtailed re: Oasis Bead Show. I've deleted it for that reason.
However, I'm glad to see there were a few comments, yours among them, sharing my enthusiasm. I'm sure Robin won't mind my saying what I bought and what I learned. My class is on Thursday, the set up day so no contact with vendors. I'm back on Saturday to wrench money out of my screaming wallet - and to get to a couple of seminars, too. ...Helene / Glass0Beads...

The bad Liz said...

I was at work, in a room with 7 doctors - 5 of them from the middle east. My chairman turned and looked at me, said: "Liz, life will never the same again."

The middle eastern docs said nothing. They were as stunned as we were. One had a brother who worked in the building (he got out).

I barely remember JFK. I do know I was sent home from school and then played outside.

The Lone Beader said...

I wasn't even thought of yet when JFK was shot, but I would have been devastated... Besides 9/11, I think my other day was when the Challenger space shuttle blew up. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut.