Monday, September 29, 2008

Grape Day

As many of you may know, the San Joaquin Valley in California is known for it's wonderful table grapes, as well as wine grapes and those dried for raisins. This is my September doll for the Beaded Art Dolls Calendar Challenge. She was fun to do and went together really fast. I made her this afternoon. I put a pin/pendant clasp on her so I can wear her either way. Only eleven more to go this year. LOL

I am slowly catching up with all my WIP's. I hate it when I get in a slump. All I wanted to do was read or play on the computer. At least I'm getting back in gear now. Won't let myself pick up a book until after 4 pm. I am determined to catch up and stay that way.

Lots going on this next week or two. Going to see Gretchen Wilson Friday at our County Fair. Saturday and Sunday are two classes with Liz Smith with our Bead Society. Should be great fun. Then next Friday (10th) I'm going to see Randy Travis (also at the Fair).

BABE is getting closer all the time. I love going to Oakland for BABE. I get to see friends that I don't see but a couple of times a year, and if I'm lucky, I get to meet other online friends for the first time. I enjoy visiting with vendors who come every year and of course, checking out all the goodies. I might just buy a few too. LOL
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The Lone Beader said...

I love her! :D

abeadlady said...

Thanks, LB. It was nice to work on something fun.


heidibeads said...

I love your doll! She's so sweet. Don't punish yourself for not beading, it's alright to read or play on the computer. Sometimes it's a good thing to change because it will bring you back refreshed - just like your doll. Wonderful.

Murphy said...

Hi Arline,

She's adorable! I like the colors of the grapes! :-)


Mountain Salt Studio said...

I love this one!